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    You will earn CECs with your accreditation association. Develop your expertise through eXpand training and be recognized.

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Very helpful for my patients

Jack, Physician

"As a physician, I have seen countless patients struggle with chronic cough and its impact on their daily lives. I am very happy to have taken the Chronic Cough Patient Journey course. It is a valuable tool to help my patients and improve their quality of life. The information is presented in a clear and concise way. Highly recommended to any physician or healthcare professional looking to better serve their patients suffering from chronic cough."

Gained Confidence

Paula, Kinesiologist

"I did not use to feel confident proposing an exercise plan to my clients with COPD due to their shortness of breath. Now, I have the knowledge so I know they exercise safely and we are aware of what red flags to look for."

"The tools that I need"

Isabelle, Asthma Nurse

"As an asthma nurse, my patients face a variety of challenges daily. After taking the eXpand course, I feel more confident in supporting my patients to take the necessary steps to have a better life."

About Us

Welcome to eXpand Courses by RESPIPLUSTM, your trusted hub for transformative respiratory education. Our comprehensive array of courses, many of which are FREE, are crafted by a multidisciplinary team of seasoned healthcare professionals.

As a non-profit organization, our sole aim is to elevate clinical standards and patient care. While our free courses empower countless professionals and patients, opting for our paid courses has a far-reaching impact. Every dollar spent on our paid courses is directly reinvested into developing state-of-the-art educational content.

By choosing eXpand Courses, you're not only elevating your expertise but also driving meaningful change in the field of respiratory care. 

Together, let's breathe new life into healthcare!

Our Team

Meet the team behind eXpand Courses

Dr. Jean Bourbeau
Respirologist - MD, MSc, FRCPC

Jean Bourbeau is the Director of the Research Institute MUHC's Center for Innovative Medicine, the COPD Clinic and the Pulmonary Rehabilitation Unit at the MUHC Montreal Chest Institute.

Maria F. Sedeno
Executive Director - BEng, MM

Maria Sedeno is the Executive Director of RESPIPLUS, a non-profit organization committed to improve healthcare professionals and patients’ education in the respiratory field.

Becky Zucco
Exercise Physiologist - BSc, CSEP

Becky Zucco is an exercise physiologist with over 24 years’ experience in chronic disease rehabilitation. She is the founder of WillKin, an organization providing prevention, rehabilitation and education services for the long-term management of chronic disease.

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