How can you benefit from eXpand courses?

  • Learning

    Improve your skills and knowledge for the long-term rehabilitation, support and integration of healthy habits in this population.

  • Credits

    Earn CECs with various accreditation bodies. Affiliate with your associations, develop your expertise through eXpand training and be recognized.

  • Opportunity

    Gain the confidence and credibility you need to best serve your patients across Canada.

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Life changer

Mike, living with COPD

"Thank you for designing these courses, I now have a personal trainer who has taught me to feel more confident exercising with my disease... I feel stronger and play more with my grandchildren."

Gained Confidence

Paula, Kinesiologist

"I did not use to feel confident proposing an exercise plan to my clients with COPD due to their shortness of breath. Now, I have the knowledge so I know they exercise safely and we are aware of what red flags to look for."

I am a better caregiver

Micheal, husband of Amelia who has COPD

"My wife has had COPD for many years now, and I did not know how to help her - especially when she had to go the emergency room for an attack of shortness of breath. Now, I feel more prepared to help her and am able to better communicate with her treating team."

"The tools that I need"

Isabelle, Asthma Nurse

"As an asthma nurse, my patients face a variety of challenges daily. After taking the eXpand course, I feel more confident in supporting my patients to take the necessary steps to have a better life."

Our Team

Meet the team behind eXpand

Dr. Jean Bourbeau

Respirologist - MD, MSc, FRCPC

Jean Bourbeau is the Director of the Research Institute MUHC's Center for Innovative Medicine, the COPD Clinic and the Pulmonary Rehabilitation Unit at the MUHC Montreal Chest Institute.

Maria F. Sedeno

Executive Director - BEng, MM

Maria Sedeno is the Executive Director of RESPIPLUS, a non-profit organization committed to improve healthcare professionals and patients’ education in the respiratory field.

Dr. Kim Lavoie

Psychologist - PhD, FCPA, FABMR

Dr. Kim Lavoie, co-lead of the International Behavioural Trials Network (IBTN) and holds the Chair of Behavioural Medicine at the University of Quebec at Montreal (UQAM).

Diane Nault

Clinician Nurse - BSc, RN, MSc

Diane Nault has spent more than 25 years working in the field of respiratory diseases, more specifically in COPD.

Becky Zucco

Exercise Physiologist - BSc, CSEP

Becky Zucco is an exercise physiologist with over 24 years’ experience in chronic disease rehabilitation. She is the founder of WillKin, an organization providing prevention, rehabilitation and education services for the long-term management of chronic disease.

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