Through completing this course students will:

  • Understand exercise and its role in managing COPD, and the benefits of pulmonary rehabilitation (PR) participation

  • Learn about the normal cardiorespiratory response to exercise, the pathophysiology of COPD, and how PR adjuncts address these abnormalities

  • Understand the benefits of PR participation and the limitations within Canada

  • Explore the impact of COVID-19 on PR and the potential role of at-home exercise training

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  • Who is this course for?

    Kinesiologists, Exercise Physiologists and Fitness Professionals

  • Benefits

    It will give you the tools, knowledge, and techniques needed to work with individuals with COPD, safely and effectively

  • Course Highlights

    Comprises of two online modules including physiological responses to exercise and pathophysiology of COPD, and pulmonary rehabilitation techniques and emerging strategies for remote training

  • Continuing Education Credits

    Certificate of completion provided to earn Continuing Education Credits with your accreditation association:
    2 hours of learning

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