• Appropriately and effectively use the "Living Well Beyond COVID-19" education materials to meet their patients' needs regarding COVID-19 and address current knowledge gaps.

  • Identify the appropriate target population for each of the modules within the series.

  • Implement strategies to discuss aspects of prevention and treatment options, as well as Long COVID rehabilitation & management.

About our speakers

Dr. Peter Lin, MD, CCFP

Dr. Peter Lin is the Director of Primary Care Initiatives at the Canadian Heart Research Centre. He continues to be a lecturer and speaker with two family practices in Toronto. He has also served in the past as the medical director at the University of Toronto’s Health and Wellness Centre at Scarborough. In an effort to raise the knowledge base of the general population, Dr. Lin has spoken at public forums directly to the public. He has been a medical expert for a series on the Discovery channel and is also the health columnist for CBC Radio and is heard across Canada.

Michael Boivin BSc. Phm, RPH, CDE, CTH

Michael Boivin is a clinical pharmacist consultant, continuing education developer and president of CommPharm Consulting Inc. In 2009, he left full-time pharmacy practice to pursue a career in continuing education and consulting. He has developed in excess of 500 accredited continuing education activities for pharmacists, family physicians, specialists, and allied healthcare professionals.